#New Nokia app for fast food franchise

Some of the fees that you pay when you take on a franchise will go towards the marketing and advertising of the brand. This can be nationally as well as regionally and the amount put towards marketing and advertising depends upon the size of the franchise.

One franchise that is constantly finding new ways to improve brand recognition is McDonald’s. The fast food chain has a strong marketing campaign which has helped create the huge success that the franchise network enjoys today.

The latest campaign has seen the fast food company launch an app for Nokia’s Ovi Store. Named McDonald’s Finder UK, the application allows users to find out where their nearest McDonald’s restaurant is. Users are able to see the restaurants on a map and also get instructions on how to find the restaurant as well as a phone number if you need to contact them. This follows on from the launch of a similar app for the iPhone.

As technology develops, franchises are starting to use it as a way of increasing awareness of their franchise. It’s a great way to interact with potential customers and to really reinforce the presence of a franchise.