#New partnership for WSI to help enhance expertise for franchise owners

Even as the unstable economic climate continues, franchises are constantly improving their services so that they can grow their clientele. WSI, the internet consultancy franchise that is based in the USA, has joined forces with MarketingExperiments in order to increase its franchise owners’ expertise.

MarketingExperiments is a research laboratory that is internet based and conducts experiments to optimise marketing processes and sales. WSI is aiming to provide its franchise owners with three courses which include Certified Professional in Email Marketing, Certified Professional in Landing Page and Certified Online Testing Professional.

President of WSI, Ron McArthur said that the company is working in a space that changes constantly. And since WSI is a leader in the internet marketing industry worldwide, it understands that continuous education is vital for the long-term success for its Internet Marketing Consultants. WSI’s partnership with MarketingExperiments will improve the expertise of its franchise owners further and this will help them stay on top of the best practices in internet marketing today.

The franchise company stated that the three courses would be integrated in WSI’s (AMI) Advanced Internet Marketing Certification Programme 2009. This means that Consultants who graduate from any of the three courses that are being offered by MarketingExperiments will receive credits for their WSI AIM Certification.