#New Subway campaign will definitely turn heads this season

Subway, the world famous fast food chain has recently announced its new campaign direction by roping in advertising giants McCann Erickson and Momentum. The new Subway campaign will focus on building the point of difference between Subway stores versus the huge competition in the fast food business.

This definitely looks like new territory for Subway as the bulk of its campaigns in the past have focused on the healthy aspects of a Subway sandwich. While the “eat healthy” aspect will be in place, a more humorous approach has been taken this time around.

Alex Cacouris, the marketing head at Subway describes the campaign by saying:

“This campaign puts a big brand idea right at the heart of the business. It highlights the fact that, unlike competitors, the Subway chain is the only quick service restaurant which grants customers total choice and customisation, right down to the bread, the filling, the salad and the sauce.”

This shows that Subway is trying to reach out to a larger audience by partially shedding its health conscious image and bringing in the anytime and anywhere element.

The new Subway campaign will definitely be something to watch out for in the near future.