#Olympic Legend Visits Sutton School Children

Olympic veteran, Duncan Goodhew spent the afternoon explaining the importance of balanced lifestyles, healthy eating and exercise with Sutton school children.

Duncan Goodhew, an Olympic gold medallist for Great Britain and a Premier Sport ambassador understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle and was keen to teach children that it is important to maintain a healthy regime, to stay fit and well.

Duncan spent the afternoon with 30 children from the Sutton area at a Chewits Sports Course, not only did he talk about his Olympic experience he talked about how to remain fit and healthy.

Duncan gave an inspirational speech to both children and parents at the event and presented the children with certificates and trophies of achievement.

Premier Sport Area Coordinator Steve Harvey said: “Duncan was brilliant, the children had a fantastic afternoon. Duncan participated in a number of sports and activities and when he passed his Olympic Gold medal round the kids couldn’t believe it! He was a real inspiration and I’m sure the message he communicated to the kids will stay with them for life.”

Chewits Sports Courses delivered by Premier Sport Coaches run throughout every school holiday for boys and girls of all abilities they provide 6 hours worth of activity for holiday weekdays. There are over 20 cool activities including martial arts, dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, football, rugby and multi-sports to enjoy.