##OSCAR Supports `Get Pets Fit` Campaign
According to new research by the Pet Food Manufacturers` Association, 77% of vets believe that pet obesity is on the rise and that up to 45% of all pets they see are overweight.

OSCAR, through supporting the PFMA`s `Get Pets Fit` campaign, which launched on May 7, will be offering free advice on the most suitable diet for your pet and also encouraging owners to adopt a pet weight watching regime.

Obesity is considered a disease in itself and impedes mobility while aggravating other health issues such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The report highlighted that pet owners might not be aware that overfeeding and under exercising, combined with table leftovers, is a leading cause of pet weight gain. The apparent act of kindness is putting our pets at a risk that comes at a price - and it`s not just the cost of veterinary bills!The OSCAR honest label policy encourages pet owners to read the ingredients and study the recommended feeding guidelines. The guides set the standard for a normal healthy pet but there are a number of points to consider such as age, lifestyle, breed, size, seasonal changes and treats! Snacks between meals must be counted for volume and nutritional value, with normal feeding portions adnusted accordingly.

Supporting a good quality diet with exercise is key in tackling pet obesity. As an estimate, 2 x 30 minute walks a day is recommended, although always seek professional advice.
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