#Ovenclean franchise sold to loyal customer

The Ovenclean franchise really has gone from strength to strength recently, although despite its success, owner Ray Moon finally decided that it was time to sell the franchise and retire.

There’s no doubt that the decision to wave goodbye to Ovenclean wasn’t an easy one for Ray, although any feelings of sadness were soon overshadowed by happiness, when he sold the franchise to one of his most loyal customers.

Ovenclean had been Mr Moon’s life for the last 6 years, and as he made such of a success of the business, the growth which he attained meant that he managed to sell it to Stephanie Rouse for many times its original value.

Stephanie has been one of Ovenclean’s most loyal customers for the past five years, which stands her in good stead when it comes to knowing exactly what customers expect.

In addition to her experience as an Ovenclean customer, Stephanie has many years experience in management- which puts her in the perfect position to drive the business forward even further.

Stephanie couldn’t contain her excitement on her new venture, and said:

I`m so excited about this new business venture. I`d been thinking about buying a franchise for over a year now, and have looked at a number of different opportunities, but somehow nothing felt quite right. When I found out that Ray was retiring, I realised this would be perfect for me and leapt at the chance to buy his business.

There’s no doubt that Ovenclean’s future looks very bright indeed...