#Pals4Pets franchise offers new pet care service

Pals4Pets, one of the leading pet care companies in London, has launched a new subscription scheme known as Pals4Pets Alert. This scheme will assist pet owners if they face a medical emergency.
It will give pet owners peace of mind when they have to leave their pets if they go into hospital, as arrangements will be made for someone to look after the animal.

Pals4Pets Alert is a scheme which is designed for those who live alone and also those who have partners and families. Basically, this scheme is for all pet owners who want their pets to be taken care of in traumatic situations.

Subscribers will be given a freephone telephone number which will be accessible for 24 hours and 7 days a week. One of the best things about this scheme is that within three hours of the call, a Pals4Pets sitter will visit and help pets. The following day, the option to opt for additional services for pets will be offered.

This scheme is designed in a way which makes it perfect for unplanned medical emergencies. Subscription to this scheme would make a great present for friends or relatives.