##Papa John’s New Franchisee Chooses Secure Future
Papa John’s has announced that Jelenski Lukasz has opened the company’s latest franchised store in Hastings. Lukasz previously worked in the security industry before he took advantage of the Papa John’s incentive scheme designed to help new franchisees set up.

“I was working nights and my wife was working days, so part of my motivation to run my own business was to spend more time with my family,” explained Lukasz. “We have a baby on the way too, so securing our future is very important to us.

“I have managed sandwich shops in the past so have a little food industry experience. I was originally interested in opening my own restaurant, under my own name, but I found out that when starting from scratch only around 25% of restaurants survive their first year and so franchising was a far safer business decision.

“Papa John’s helped me find and lock-down the Hastings store location and we have already recruited and trained seven local staff members. Joining the Papa John’s is a huge step for us as we are investing our savings into the franchise. However, we believe in the brand and this is our big chance!”

Papa John’s is the only branded pizza chain to use only 100% fresh dough, giving a better natural flavour and the company’s unique tomato sauce is made from the best Californian tomatoes, picked and packed from vine to can in just six hours.

Papa John’s now has more than 280 stores in the UK. Papa John’s has recently launched its new incentive scheme to help franchisees in the early stages of growing their businesses which includes discounted royalty fees, contribution towards marketing spend plus free equipment for new stores opening our the enterprise development zones of the Midlands, Wales, The North West, North East and Scotland. These great deals are all on the table for franchises opening in 2015, so first come first served!
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