#Phat Pasty appeared on BBC Working Lunch

Phat Pasty, a popular franchise business, was declared as the Lunch Multiple Retailer of the Year, 2009 recently.

Declan Curry began the Phat Pasty Co because it involved two of his favourite things; great food and a flourishing business. Reporter, Rob Pittam was sent to Milton Keynes to check out how Phat Pasty found a successful formula to grow their business even during a recession. The answer he got was simple. Phat Pasty combined a conventional business model with a fun and relaxed outlook.

Due to the mobile nature of Phat Pasty and its branding, this business established quickly. This business has grown considerably from one van to five in Milton Keynes. Franchisees from all over the country are signing up to be a part of this successful business.

In the feature on BBC, Paul Clark, the Phat controller said that their business has gone through all the stages that a franchise goes through. Phat Pasty, is a business that can be started with a single van, home office, minimal overhead costs and gradually it can transform into a sizeable management franchise business.

Laura Clark added to say that their entire family is obsessed with good food. She continued to say that they always wanted to be a part of something that is exciting, fun and dynamic.