##Training Provider Expands Into Romania To Help Address Skills-Gap
UK-based training provider, Pitman Training, is showcasing yet more growth and further expanding its presence internationally, by partnering with the Bucharest College to provide vocational training courses and study programmes in Romania, to help address the skill shortage.

With its rich and strong education system, Romania enjoys one of Europe’s most highly educated work forces. However, in common with many other developed countries, there are mismatches between theoretical knowledge and the practical skills and competencies needed for the modern work place environment.

Given their established reputation in the UK and the diversity of their courses, in consultation with local employers, Bucharest College will address this skills-gap and help towards increasing the mobility of labour through offering Pitman Training’s unique study programmes in Romania.

The first Pitman Training Centre will be launched on June 19 in the presence of HM Ambassador to Romania and the Chairman of the British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce. Alongside the flexible study options Pitman Training currently offers, and the ability for students to study via an online distance learning platform, there are also talks with five different universities across Romania to incorporate supporting Pitman Training outlets and further expand access. Bucahrest College also hopes to work with Pitman Training (UK) to make a range of Pitman courses available in the Romanian language in the near future, and further enhance the opportunities available for the citizens.Heading the first Romanian centre is Peter Wells who said; “Within the context of the European Framework for Key Competencies in Lifelong Learning, Romania and the Bucharest College recognise the increasing need for alternative learning pathway opportunities which can enable individuals to re-skill, up-skill and re-train throughout their working lives, and for these news skills to support national and regional growth in line with the European Commission’s Europa 2020 strategy. The open and flexible dynamic of the Pitman Training offering not only effectively addresses the need for a structured system of continuous professional development (both for individuals in employment and employment seekers), but also, by allowing learners the freedom to fit their study or training around other work and personal commitments, the Pitman model significantly increases access to training and certification opportunities to a far wider community.”

When asked why he feels Pitman Training will work especially well in Romania, Peter said; “Pitman Training’s partnership with accrediting boards and awarding bodies in the UK is an important aspect of its credibility in Romania, adding value and instilling reliability and trust in the programmes and courses we can offer.”

Pitman Training are looking forward to continued growth of the business on both a national and international scale, and welcoming new franchise partners to the current network. There are many exciting franchise opportunities available in several areas throughout the UK, including Bournemouth, Milton Keynes and Oxford as well as opportunities overseas.