#Platinum Property Partner launches solution for franchisees

If you are working as a franchisee, you may be wondering how you go about saving money for your retirement age. It’s difficult to know exactly how to save for your pension and also how much to put aside. And that is why, according to the BFA, 68 per cent of franchisees have no plan on how to support themselves once they retire.

But for people such as this, there is a new plan in place to give them a helping hand. And it comes from a franchise, so they will understand your situation completely. The Platinum Property Partners franchise has launched the Platinum Portfolio Builder. This is designed to tackle pension problems and to build it up, adding value along the way.

This new model within the established franchise is designed to show you how you can make the most of the benefits available through property. You can benefit from substantial cash flow and ongoing capital growth which is ideal when you’re looking for extra money to supplement your pension.

As a franchisee, you ideally want to have something to fall back on when that retirement age comes around. And the Platinum Property Partner franchise seems to have the answer.