#Platinum Property Partners franchise owner Neil Mansell shares his experience

Neil Mansell used to work as a business development manager in the year 2006 and his boss had already told him that the job would not provide him with any real prospects for advancement. Three years later, Neil has a property investment franchise of his own – a portfolio of 12 buy to let properties, which works for him. He is making a yearly gross profit of over £130,000, from rental income alone.

Neil, who is presently in the process of purchasing his 13th property, says that he cannot believe how far he has come in a considerably short span of time. However, you surely get what you invest and he has put in plenty of time and effort in order to make his business work. Neil’s father was involved in property refurbishment and renovation, but when the founder of Platinum Property Partners franchise, Steve Bolton, explained Neil about how he can build and operate his own portfolio as a feasible business, he believed it to be a real employment alternative.

After a thorough one-to-one mentoring along with ongoing support from Steve, Neil had spent around 14 months in doing a day job. He started to build this portfolio at the weekends and in the evening. The rental income from Neil’s initial three investments by early 2007 replaced his salary. Neil was thus able to quit his salaried employment and focus on property for full time. Steve and his business associate, Nick Carlile, started their investment business model for buy to let properties in the year 2007 and Neil was one of the initial 10 foundation franchise partners.