#Popular Oven Cleaning Franchise Opens New Training Centre

Successful UK franchise, Ovenclean, have recently invested in a brand new training centre in their Midlands based head office. The company intends to use the centre for training new franchise owners and holding their customary Open Days- for people who are interested in learning more about the franchise.

Ovenclean’s Marketing Director, Anne Blee, has said that the new training centre is incorporated with some of the latest ovens that are currently available on the market. This will make it possible for franchise owners to go through a comprehensive training programme, where they will learn how to clean expensive appliances effectively and to very high standards.

Blee added that this will ensure that the skills of Ovenclean’s franchise owners are unrivalled within the domestic oven cleaning marketplace.

The Ovenclean franchise is renowned for functioning from completely equipped vans, and specialises in cleaning ovens, hobs and barbeques. Since its establishment, Ovenclean have provided environment-friendly, powerful and top quality services.

The new training centre will increase the ability for the franchise to teach people more effectively- which will result in better services all round.