#Proud to Franchise entrusts the consumer with additional information

The average consumer has evolved gradually over the years. A brand is now-a-days preferred over a product. Any unauthorised or unlabelled product is sure to be met with a distracted glance. A popular method to gain the support of individuals is through franchising. One such recent development in the franchising world is the Proud to Franchise which has been initiated by the ‘British Franchise Association.’

Proud to Franchise
This unique franchise has been set-up in order to promote transparency pertaining to the name of the manufacturer and brand. It enables the consumers to have complete knowledge relating to the product(s) and/or service(s). Besides, the consumers are assured that they are buying goods from legal authorised sellers in the market. Proud to Franchise has already found support in the form of ten franchise businesses. Customers prefer products which are more recognised compared to non-familiar or unbranded products. Thus, the Proud to Franchise system enables consumers to know as to which are the actual legal manufacturers in the market.

Increased level of trust and loyalty
The consumers are thus guaranteed that they are getting adequate information pertaining to the products. They are also assured that the franchises are part of a larger stable set-up which will not crumble down due to the recessionary times. Highlighting product-specific characteristics enables consumers to identify a reputed franchise and helps them to make sound decisions.

Customer is the King
Proud to Franchise provides the consumers with more information. A customer is eventually the person who decides which product to buy. Hence it is indeed necessary to provide the consumer with honest details which will aid him in the purchase decision.