#Quick success for Portsmouth franchisee

Franchising can suit a huge range of people. And there are so many different franchise opportunities out there that there will always be one to suit your preferences and needs.

One franchise owner who found that out is Stephen Frazer. He took on a Go Kart Party franchise in Portsmouth and he hasn’t looked back.

He first researched into franchise opportunities because he wanted to work for himself. He had been working in the Royal Navy and was looking for a completely new challenge.

He came across the Go Kart Party franchise and after a few meetings he decided that this was definitely the career for him. He received a full training day in which he was introduced to the product and developed a really good understanding of it.

On his adventure so far, Stephen has received plenty of support and guidance from the franchisor and he loves the fact that although it is his own business, he has the support of the franchisee team and network to fall back on should he need it.

Now that Stephen has settled into his new role, he is already looking for ways in which he can expand and grow the business and he is looking to grow to at least three mobile units within the Portsmouth area in the next few years.