#Razzamataz Theatre Schools enjoy an explosive success

Certain franchises have seen a huge increase in profits recently as interest in their field continues to grow.
Dance school franchises such as Razzamataz have seen a huge increase in the number of people wanting to learn street dance. And that’s all thanks to acts such as George Sampson and Diversity, who have encouraged more and more boys to take an interest in such franchises.

Razzamataz Theatre Schools has always been a strong franchise because of its determination to offer students the very best in terms of teachers and performers but the recent increase in public awareness when it comes to street dance has meant that the franchise has seen an influx of clients interested in learning more about the dance technique at their school.

The franchise has grown from strength to strength as it has provided students with some impressive guest teachers including Zoo Nation who created Into the Hoods and Tim Noble, who is the choreographer for Kylie Minogue.

This has all meant that Razzamataz has turned into one of the fastest growing theatre schools in the UK which just goes to show how quickly franchises can grow and become hugely successful.