#Recession-proof business all set to bounce back

A recession-proof business is probably what every prospective franchisee dreams about. The combination of a well-known brand name, a proven business model and hardworking individuals ultimately means that the franchises generally perform better than other sectors and that was proven by Granite Transformations which has really proved itself even in these tough economic times.

Granite Transformations is a home improvement franchisor whose unique ‘kitchen worktop that fits on top’ has proven a hit even in the hard economic times. And things are only getting better as the economy recovers and construction sales begin to increase again.

Part of a worldwide franchise operation, Granite Transformations has experienced a rise of 15% in annual sales across its showroom network in the UK. This is mainly because homeowners opted for economical kitchen makeovers while surviving the recession. Relative beginner, Darrell Smith, has grown the monthly income at his Granite Transformations franchise business to £102k from £15k in a single year.

Darrell was a successful financial advisor but he says he would not have considered setting up a business of his own, without the support from a successful franchise package.

Darrell said that with a franchise operation, half of your work is already done for you. In addition to a well-known business model, systems have been created; there is an all-inclusive training programme, efficient product development and distribution, and the obvious benefits of regional and national marketing support.