#Recognition Express franchisee reaps rewards

Listening to the consumer is the key to success, and understanding his customers’ requirements has led to a large re-order for Keith Burr, the owner of Recognition Express Newbury.

Eight months ago, when Peter Viner, the owner J & S Auto Services, contacted Keith to place an order for economical branded key rings, Keith was more than pleased to help out.

The garage had previously started to put key rings on the key fobs of each car that came in for service. However, months later, staff were unable to understand why every time a car came back in, the key ring was gone. Coming from a career in Sales & Marketing, Keith instantly saw the problem and recommended that they purchase a higher quality product that would better reflect their brand.

More than 1500 key rings later, most of the cars coming back into the garage still had their loops attached, and Peter placed an order for more 1500 pieces.

Mr Viner said that they were extremely impressed with Keith, and that without Recognition Express they would still be giving out cheap key rings and wondering why no one liked them.

Mr Viner also added that Keith really knows his market and they were very impressed that he took the time to look for the right product for their needs- proving that with a little dedication and hard work, you can gain an excellent reputation for your business or franchise.