#Recognition Express gets involved in local issues

Whereas small independent businesses might not have the spare cash to be able to spend it on local causes, by being part of a franchise network, the chances of becoming involved in local issues are greatly increased as there is the support and backing of the franchisor behind you.

And Recognition Express is one franchise that has made sure it shows its support of local issues. Now, for the second year in a row, the Coventry franchise has decided to support young athletes in the area by giving them team hoodies. This is to celebrate their CAP Bursary Scheme Awards.

Alex Newman, the owner of the Coventry branch of Recognition Express said: ‘We are really enthusiastic about supporting these young sportsmen and women, we hope that the hoodies help to enhance their sense of being part of something really special.’

Recognition Express is a strong franchise boasting 43 franchise owners. The franchise specialises in badge manufacture, signs, promotional products and school uniforms. It has been a huge success over the years and as it becomes more involved in local issues, it continues to build a loyal customer base.