#Recognition Express makes a difference to the community

Small businesses may be a vital part of every community, but they may not have the financial backing or the strength of brand needed to be able to make a difference to a community.

But with franchising, this is definitely achievable, as has been shown by Recognition Express in Cumbria.

Following the floods that swept through Cockermouth, the local community has struggled to get back to normal and people are still waiting to move back into their homes. There is still plenty of work to be done but that should be helped by the Street Angels project which has just been launched by Churches Together. This project means that volunteers will offer support to local families affected by the floods.

This project could not have been launched without the help of Recognition Express though which supplied and printed 100 high visibility vests for the volunteers taking part in the project.

As well as this, Recognition Express also made some ‘Bounce Back’ badges which are being sold in shops in the area with proceeds going to victims of the floods.

The owner of the franchise involved, Neal Benson, said that he wanted to get involved in the project because, being a member of the community himself, he wants to do what he can to help.