#Royal Yachting Sails to Success

After 15 years working in the finance sector and a difficult recession, self employed businessman Simon Ewin, decided to turn to his passion of sailing for a new lease of life.

“I had heard of the network, Royal Yachting, from some friends that lived in France and they informed me that it was a franchise in Europe which was looking to expand to the UK and North America,” said Ewin.

After an initial meeting with the company Director, Frederic Le Goascoz, Ewin was immediately excited and impressed by the enthusiasm and experience of the staff. “I followed this by a visit to the newest agency in Brest, France where I got to see a working agency and discover the different way Royal Yachting execute their business compared to other agencies I have experienced before.”

After an initial training period, Ewin was offered the opportunity to become a Master Franchise Owner and take the Royal Yachting franchise to the UK and assist in the North America launch. “I agreed immediately and after 12 months of ground work and ongoing support I’m excited that we are due to launch at the upcoming Southampton Boat Show in September,” said Ewin.

Royal Yachting covers every aspect of the industry from brokerage, charter, management and day rental to finance and insurance. Ewin said, “I was highly impressed with the novel business model used and it’s effectiveness in generating great turnover and high sales.”

The franchise is currently looking for prospective Royal Yachting franchise owners to help manage the expansion of the business. “Much has happened with the company over the last 18 months and with 23 agencies across Europe and the Middle East and more currently being opened, I feel it’s a tremendous time and opportunity to be involved with the Royal Yachting group,” said Ewin.