#Ryan Hanna grabs the Eastleigh franchise

Ryan Hanna was looking for suitable franchise opportunities for around three months before he came across CityLocal. Ryan said that this franchise was attractive to him because of its affordable business model that complements his family and home life. After researching the opportunities, Ryan concluded that the business looked a well run establishment with an incredible infrastructure.

Presently, Ryan works part-time for Sky Commercial. He previously worked with Capita for five years in a role of enforcement and at Machine Mart Ltd in Swindon as a retail store manager. Ryan said that he believes that CityLocal is a well run business with a strong and growing franchise base within a tough marketplace.

The three day training that Ryan received before taking on the franchise was extremely helpful and positive. The training would have been for five days, but with the online training videos that come with the course has made it much easier to get grips with his new business. Also, Ryan was impressed with the communication with head office which helped him through the entire process.

What excites Ryan about the opportunity is that he believes CityLocal is becoming a leading Online Business Promotion website in the UK. Also, with the growing franchise network, incredible infrastructure and a great looking website, the income potential for franchisees can be huge.