#Safeclean Launches its Company Values to its Franchise Network

Safeclean, the UK’s leading carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise has launched its Corporate Team Values to its franchise network.

Safeclean is part of the multinational Valspar Corporation, who share its UK head office with Safeclean. “The Valspar Values” as they are more commonly known were initially launched to the head office staff towards the end of 2008.

“From the time I have been with the company, I can see how much of an impact they have on my colleagues at head office in terms of the morale, the creativity and productivity.  The staff “live the Values” every day and it creates a healthy, happy and cohesive environment.” reports Steve Calvert, Franchise Operations Manager.

The Valspar Values consist of:
Team Spirit
Leading the way
Delivering Change

“The Values have had such a positive impact on the team at head office, it made complete sense that they become part of our franchise network as well.  We are part of one big team and by sharing the values with our network it shows we are committed to them and care about their working life as much as the staff at head office,” continues Steve.

The Team Spirit Value is all about treating colleagues with respect at all times, working together as one focussed team to achieve goals, supporting and recognising each others achievements.  Leading the Way is about being role models to fellow team members and continually striving to develop themselves and others.  Communication is about being positive and constructive in communications, and sharing information of value with others in the company.  And finally Delivering Change is about actively seeking out new ways of working and embracing and supporting change.  “When I had my induction with the company back in June, the Valspar Values were top of the list of important things to know.  I was told about them literally on my first day, so I knew they were of importance and held in high regard by everyone.  It immediately made me think that we should launch these values to the Safeclean network.  It also made me realise, that actually, we do live these values with our network already, we just didn’t realise it.”

“Communication is paramount to the success of a franchise business and its one of the elements attributable to our 40 year success. Team Spirit is vital to a network of franchisees which is why we have our yearly workshops and awards scheme.  Leading the Way can be linked to the training courses we run to help develop our franchisees and their service technicians, and Delivering Change is about us, the franchisor, making sure that we are at the forefront of the industry and passing that information onto our network.  I want to make the network feel part of the team and by launching these Values to them I hope will go a long way to doing this” concludes Steve.

Safeclean is holding a series of Discovery Days throughout September and October and invite any prospective franchise owners to come along to find out more. Please click here if you would like further information.