#Sheree Parker, Ovenclean franchise owner investing for expansion despite recession

Sheree Parker is one of the longest operating franchise owners of Ovenclean. She joined the Ovenclean network in 2001 and since then, she has built an extremely successful management franchise. Previous to this, she was working as a senior manager with one of the leading express delivery companies. So Sheree used her considerable managerial skills in order to develop the thriving business which she supervises today.

Sheree said she had worked for the same company for almost 16 years before investing in the Ovenclean franchise. She started as a courier and made her way up to the senior management level while gaining plenty of skills and experience along the way. Similarly, with her Ovenclean business, she thinks the time she spent cleaning ovens during the earlier days was essential for its success. For managing a team of people, you need to perform things that they do and understand the best practice for an effective, efficient and profitable operation.

Presently, Sheree manages the business and already has three vehicles on the road, along with two employees that serve a large territory. Sheree said she was one of the three friends working in the same delivery company and they decided to leave simultaneously. All of them were tired of working extremely long hours without getting enough pay. That was the time when they felt their efforts were unrewarded and unappreciated. They spotted an excellent opportunity in Ovenclean franchise in a newspaper advertisement and were very impressed. The investment was really affordable and the business model also looked quite simple. So, they all decided to go for it.