#Single Mum Finds a Family-Friendly Franchise with Activ Web Design

Single working mother of one, Sharon Ingenlath, took on the Activ Web Design opportunity just over year ago and hasn`t looked back since. Sharon previously worked full-time as a Digital Trainer for FujiFilm and felt that after working in the same industry for eleven years, it was time for a change. She was determined to find a career where she could be challenged and do work she was proud of, but not at the expense of the time she could spend with her son.

Her previous position was the standard 9-5 which included travelling abroad and was not the family friendly lifestyle which Sharon was seeking. She admits that life is not quite the same since taking on the Activ Web Design franchise.

“It`s very different from my previous job as there I was full-time employed but now I get to spend precious time with my 2 and a half year old son. I used to leave home at 7.30 am and get home at 6.30pm and only used to spend a couple of hours a day with him. It’s fulfilling for both of us as I get to see him growing and changing all the time”

The Ingenlath household now runs on a completely different time-scale.  Sharon`s working day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 4.00pm so that she can cook dinner and enjoy a family meal with her son. After his bedtime at 7pm, she confesses to doing a few more hours of work. Being a single mother, Sharon feels it is important to `create time` and therefore working from home for her has been the right step forward.

Whilst Sharon has been busy taking care of home she has also been taking care of business. She has successfully developed websites for a wide range of industries. Her range of professional tailored web designs has included, first aid training, tourism, lodging, chauffeuring, bathroom design and tennis academies. Her varied experience means that she can design websites for a wide range of business needs and this is why she always gets very happy customers.

The key to her success, she reveals, is the feedback she receives from her customers. She explains that when a customer loves the work she has done, this is what motivates her. The Activ support team have also been there to lend a helping hand providing business and marketing support to franchisees in need. Sharon has found the monthly management reviews with Activ Head Office to be very useful as they have helped her to realise her own potential and aid her with planning activities.

For Sharon the career change really paid off – it gave her the gift of time and a boost of confidence “it’s challenging, but ultimately fulfilling and the best part is when someone says they really love your work”.