#Snack in the Box moves from Cadbury to Mars

The Snack in the Box franchise has moved from Cadbury to Mars and the franchisees are finding that the move has improved business.

In franchising, these kind of takeovers do not happen very often, but this one has proved incredibly successful for all franchisees involved, with a 25 per cent increase in profit margins.

The branding at Snack in the Box will now all be changed to Mars and the vans that the franchises use will all be redesigned. All promotional items will carry the Mars and the new Snack in the Box logos.

With such strong brands associated with Mars, such as Snickers and Galaxy, consumers will already have a huge familiarity with the Mars brand and this is certain to help the Snack in the Box franchise be even more of a success.

The confectionary vending franchise, Snack in the Box, has more than 100 locations in its network and boasts around 16,000 customers across the UK and Ireland.

The response from the franchisees on this move from Cadbury to Mars has been really positive as they have seen a huge increase in profits.