#Social Media Has Gone Local - Your Town Needs You!

The biggest craze right now is without doubt social media! It is believed to be more popular than TV for those aged between 16 and 30.

In the UK alone, one in almost two people use Social Media. Are you one of the hundreds of millions of people who spend every week on Facebook? Do you tweet and follow other tweeter with a passion?
If Social Media is a huge part of every day life for you, did you know about a fantastic new business opportunity called Activ Social? It could be perfect for you as it is a fun way to earn a great income.

Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook states “By giving people the power to share we’re making the world more transparent.” Facebook is aimed predominately for you and your friends as it allows you to share photos and your thoughts.

Linkedin focuses on business professionals. Trip Advisor focuses on reviewing hotels. However until now there are no social sites that focus on the area you live in. This is what Activ Social is all about, it a social media website for the area you live in.

Activ have been franchising for the last four years and now boast a network of over 170 franchisees worldwide. During this time they have successfully attracted millions of visitors to use their Activ UK network. Activ UK is best described as a online newspaper of your area.

However with the assistance of the Government through a program called the Knowledge Transfer Program they were granted almost £100,000 to redevelop this network and make it a social environment for local people to share local information.

A local Activ Social website allows you to find out what’s good and what’s not in the area you live in. Allows you to connect with local organisations and keep up to date of all their latest news and special offers.

Activ Social has just launched and has 559 areas available with 65 of these being taken already by existing Activ franchisees.

You make money by following the ongoing training Activ provide and attracting users to your website. The more people who visit your website the more money you can make from selling advertising, Pay Per Click and members selling their unwanted goods and services.

Activ Social takes all the Social Media love, puts it all together, makes it local and offers you a truly unique product for you to offer your local community whilst earning a fantastic income!

This opportunity starts from only £1,995 + VAT. For more information please click here.