#St. Wilfred’s school promotes healthy eating

FASTSIGNS is a very popular franchise in the UK. Mr. Andy Simpson operates a franchise of FASTSIGNS in Leeds along with his father Chris. Mr. Simpson was an ex-pupil at St. Wilfred’s Catholic School and he was very pleased to find out that the school wanted him to provide interior signs for the schools dining area. The aim of putting up sign boards is to promote the schools commitment to eating healthy and organic food.

FASTSIGNS has a wide range of custom signs and graphic products. They also provide banners, posters and exterior- interior signage. Mr. Simpson, along with his team offered graphics and natural images to the school with messages such as ‘Jump into healthy eating’.

Mr. Simpson said that it has been a great experience to work with his old school. He states that the school is doing an amazing job by getting students interested in information about how food is made and where it comes from.

He continued to say that eating healthy is very important for people of all ages. It is most essential for young and growing kids. This school is one of the three schools in the country to be a member of the Food for Life Partnership project.