#Subway is still number one

The British Sandwich Association has revealed the Subway has kept hold of its title as the UK’s number one sandwich seller.

It’s been another good year for the sandwich franchise and despite the recession forcing many businesses to slow down with their expansion, Subway has continued to open up more sandwich shops across the nation.
According to reports, Subway sales account for 60 per cent of the total sales in the sandwich bar market and it is figures such as this which make Subway the market leader.

Despite the economic troubles right across the country, the sandwich market has managed to keep on growing and now there are even sandwich outlets in schools, hospitals and other institutions who find that sandwiches are a popular and healthy food option.

Demand for healthy but quick and easy food has increased dramatically recently as people continue to lead busy lifestyles but are more aware of the importance of eating healthily.

Subway prides itself on offering customers whatever they want and also on the fact that the sandwiches are made fresh.

With a huge range of options available, from healthy to indulgent and all at reasonable prices, it’s no surprise that Subway have continued to stay at the top of the charts when it comes to sandwich franchises.