#Subway launch most unusual store

There seems to be a constant stream of Subway sandwich shops popping up all over the world and it’s clearly a strong franchise.

But the most recent store to crop up offers something a little different because it has been designed to serve construction workers at the top of scaffolding that has been put in place to build the One World Trade Center in New York.

The Subway franchise, 26 storeys up, at the top of the scaffolding, is built from shipping containers and it allows workers to get some food and take a break from work without having to take the long trip down to street level.

At the site where the original World Trade Centers were, there is expected to be a second office tower, a September 11th memorial and a transit hub which is all expected to be finished by 2013.

The workers are really grateful for the Subway sandwich shop as it means that they don’t have to spend the majority of their break travelling to find somewhere else to get food.

And the Subway staff are also pleased to be able to help the workers. One member of staff said that he was pleased to be able to be a part of the historic occasion of building the World Trade Centre back up.