Subway has never particularly struggled with its sales, but a new loyalty card being launched by the sandwich retailer could help them to see more of their returning customers.

The sandwich franchise has launched the Subcard and the new scheme has made it possible for customers to download a 2D barcode to their mobile phones and to collect loyalty points.

With these loyalty points, customers will be able to get free sandwiches and the new system allows them to check their balance and their transaction history.

Lucky iPhone users are also able to locate their nearest Subway store using the GPS function on the phone.

The sandwich franchise decided to launch the loyalty card because they wanted a way of rewarding their customers. And they specifically designed the system so that it would be completely hassle free. The 2D barcode function is really easy to use and allows customers to take full advantage of the reward scheme.

The Subway franchise is one that has enjoyed huge success over the years, providing customers with fresh, healthy, made to order sandwiches on a daily basis. This new loyalty scheme is set to improve their customer base even further and ensure that customers keep on coming back.