#Success for three brothers with one franchise

Some would say that family members should never work together. But for three brothers from Aylesbury, that’s certainly not true.

Omar, Eamonn and Samie Razaq who range from 17 to 21 years old, decided to club together and invest in a CeX franchise and judging by how well business is going, they have no regrets about making this bold move.

The three boys were already familiar with the CeX franchise because Eamonn had already worked as a manager at the St Albans branch so they knew how successful a franchise opportunity with this company could be.

The three boys did their research before they took on the franchise and eventually settled on a Aylesbury branch. They only opened a couple of months ago, but the boys can already boast at having a good set of regulars already.

Each other three brothers looks after a different aspect of the business. Samie looks after the books, Eamonn deals with the shop floor and the customers and Omar is in charge of the stock and the layout of the store.

The three boys have been impressed with how helpful they have found head office as well as the other franchisees and they are looking forward to a successful future.