#Summer brings double demand for oven cleaning franchise company

Franchise businesses seem to be doing well all over the country. Marketing director for franchise company, Ovenclean, Anne Blee said that the national call centre telephone lines have been ringing continuously as summer progresses. This has resulted in the company receiving twice as much of the average lead flow as usual.

Of course, the company is thrilled with the business it is getting. However, Anne confirmed that they are disappointed with the fact that there are areas where their profits could increase significantly, but there are no franchise owners in those areas. But established specialists from the franchise company are travelling to customers that are within reasonable distance from their territories.

Ovenclean is seeking to recruit some more franchise owners within the network who can meet local demands. Mark Bartrum, one of the newest franchise owners in Ovenclean’s network was surprised at the speed in which his business was growing since joining the company in June. He added that although this is just the beginning for him, he could never have imagined being busier.

He reported that at least 80 percent of his current customers have already booked return visits. Currently, there is a huge demand for this business as nobody enjoys cleaning their ovens and the franchise company offers excellent quality of work.