#SureCare (Cambridge) On Film...

On March 5th, Jorge Sacramento and Joseph Garcia, owners of SureCare (Cambridge), took centre stage when they were interviewed for a Philippine television programme.

Danny Buenafe, a reporter from the television company Philippine Channel 2 ABS CBN, interviewed Jorge and Joseph as part of an item on the growing success of Filipino entrepreneurs in the UK. Mr Buenafe was impressed to hear how much SureCare (Cambridge) is achieving within the health and social care industry and was particularly interested in the company’s A-rating status as a UKBA (UK Border Agency) Tier 2 Registered Sponsor.

During the interview, Jorge and Joseph explained how they started working together and, having investigated other options, why they decided to sign a franchise agreement with SureCare.

The TV crew also spent some time covering a training session for a new staff member and then moved to a new location to film care workers attending to a service user at lunchtime.

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