Start your own business with the global leaders in pet food home delivery & take advantage of Husse's summer offer.

Pet owners are increasingly looking to feed their animals the crème de la crème when it comes to pet food. A recent report by Mintel found that a fifth of UK cat or dog owners would cut back on spending on their own food before cutting back spending on food for their pet - indicating that the diets of their pets are equally as, if not more, important than our own. Devoted pet owners are now looking to spend more on quality pet food, which translates into increased spending habits. As Mintel suggests interest in pet food with premium features such as 'human grade' ingredients is on the up.

By the end of this year, premium pet foods will account for at least 50% of pet food sales, followed by regular pet food at approximately 35% percent, and value pet food at 15% percent. It is somewhat clear the greatest growth in the industry will continue in the premium and super premium segments.

The Husse support system along with their unique range of premium and super premium pet foods are just some of the key strengths behind their success.

Here are 6 reasons why thousands of pet owners choose Husse:

  • Over 350 high quality products for dogs, cats & horses
  • Hypoallergenic, grain and gluten free products
  • Only human grade ingredients used
  • Honest labelling and competitive pricing
  • 30 years industry experience without recall
  • 95% customer retention rate

With over 50 locations in England and Scotland, and more than 1,000 franchisees in over 50 countries globally, a Husse franchise is perfect for anyone keen to run their own business (full or part time) whilst at the same time benefiting from working with a leading global brand.

Husse's franchise packages start at £4,900 + VAT and include full training, nutritional course, vehicle livery, exhibition tent, uniform, marketing literature, continuous support & more! Husse are also offering an extra £1,000 worth of free start-up stock or 5,000 more households in addition to our current support offers.

Territories still have available include: Birmingham Solihull, Leicestershire, Sheffield, Stafford, Brighton, Plymouth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Chester and Brighton.