#The Independent Franchisee Seminar – A success among potential franchisors

The Independent Franchisee Seminar, held on the 25th of November, was a great success.
The event was met with a favourable response from all the attendees. The seminar successfully tackled various doubts concerning franchising to aid budding franchisors.

This one day seminar was specially designed and organised by the British Franchise Association. The British Franchise Association is a legislative body in the UK, which guides franchisors pertaining to the various rules of franchising.

The event was attended by the individuals who were interested in setting up their own individual business. The seminar provided detailed guidance and cautionary notes to the attendees.

The Speakers

The speakers in the seminar were endowed with an extensive knowledge about the UK franchise sector. The speakers have also worked with reputed UK franchises for several years. The event was also attended by experts from the British Franchise Association along with franchise lawyers, accountants and bankers from the industry. Entrepreneurs from the UK franchise businesses also attended the event.

Some of the topics dealt in the seminar were as follows:

Franchising and its benefits

It included information about the benefits of franchising. The speakers also tackled topics such as advantages and disadvantages of franchising. The audience also gained viable information concerning the financing options for franchising. The speakers also discussed several real-life case studies to provide a practical approach to the attendees.

The Independent Franchisee Seminar was indeed a big hit among the budding franchisors.