##The Interface Financial Group Open For Business
There is talk circulating that maybe the ‘credit crisis’ is over. We suspect that that may indeed be just ‘talk’. [The Interface Financial Group](/archive/the-interface-financial-group/interface-financial-group-franchise.php) is a 43 year old company engaged in the financial service area. Over our 43 years of doing business, primarily with the small business sector, we have seen it all: recession, growth periods, inflation, deflation, credit crises and more.

While ‘ups’ have cancelled out the ‘downs’ and vice versa, one or two very solid constants have emerged. First, the tenacity and determinedness of entrepreneurs to make things happen in adverse conditions has been very prevalent; and second, that entrepreneurs know when the time is right for growth, and they know how to exploit the conditions to leverage their growth options.

Small business is often referred to as the backbone of the national economy - it’s the engine that makes things happen, and it’s the job creator. Most of these things are true today and have proved to be accurate statements in the past.

Small business owners have become very knowledgeable in better understanding how to grow their business in recent years. This has been born out of necessity because, although the SME sector is the engine of the economy and the job creator, it is invariably the sector that is worst hit when there is any credit crisis. When the mainline funders start to tighten their lending criteria, it is invariably small business that becomes the primary target.

We operate in that secondary marketplace, providing a unique financing tool for SME’s. We are The Interface Financial Group and offer an invoice discounting service for clients, whereby they can offer a single invoice option or a small batch option to their clients - no obligation to discount everything or to do so on an ongoing basis. It’s a ‘use- it-as-you-need-it approach’.

We believe that that in itself is a great feature, but it gets better. We have perfected a delivery method that is based on a franchise model. Our franchisees are all invoice discounters (sometimes referred to as Spot factors), and they work locally in a one-on-one environment to service their clients. Then it gets better… we, as the franchisor, work with our franchisees on every single transaction that they handle and, most importantly, we finance those transactions alongside our franchisees. We bring a very strong comfort zone to the table for our IFG 50/50 franchisees, all of whom are open for business.