The Little Gym Europe is proud to announce the opening of its newest UK locations in Windsor and Godalming in Autumn 2017.

Windsor - Andrea Page and Matina Macintyre

Matina finds it almost impossible to keep her feet on the ground. Whether on the beach or a London street, she’s always only two steps away from a cartwheel.

Andrea is passionate about child development and any kind of sport – from paragliding to scuba diving – and fell in love with The Little Gym straight away. Andrea was gobsmacked by the programme’s fun, nurturing approach to child development.

It was that passion for gymnastics that led us both to The Little Gym – a decision that has changed their lives, and the lives of our families.

We want children to have FUN – that’s when they learn best! Throwing on an imaginary cape and feeling their feet fly as they master their first forward roll, cartwheel, somersault or flip. We want them to float on a happy, confident cloud every single time they leave the gym.

Godalming - Clea Rosenfeld

My love of sport was born in those early days, and I have so many happy memories of the joy sport brought to my childhood. For me, that joy did not just come from winning – it came from the feeling. The feeling of spinning, feet flying through the air, my first forward roll, my first cartwheel – nothing can compare!

I have always been passionate about children and making a difference to people’s lives. When I decided to become a business owner, I wanted to combine those passions – work with children, contribute to their happiness and development, and support their families.

I can’t wait to see the gym full of children that are loved and appreciated by our team, and encouraged to learn through fun. All while their grown-ups relax, chat, work, or even catch forty-winks in our lobby.

New Openings 2017

Alongside these new openings in the UK, The Little Gym Europe has also opened in Wemmel in Belgium (April 2017), Sofia in Bulgaria (April 2017) and Moscow (August 2017).

About The Little Gym

The Little Gym is an internationally recognised physical program that helps children build the developmental skills and confidence needed at each stage of childhood.

The very first location was established in 1976 by Robin Wes, an innovative educator with a genuine love for children. Today, The Little Gym International has more than 350 locations in 32 countries.

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