##Thomas Cleaning Opens In Southampton
[Thomas Cleaning](/archive/thomas-cleaning/thomas-cleaning-franchise.php) is starting up another franchise in Southampton. Paul and Becky Beaumont have left the teaching world behind them and are looking forward to their new career as Thomas Cleaning franchisees.

Paul and Becky are starting their training at Thomas Towers on October 19, and their first day as Thomas Cleaning franchisees will start on November 2.

Paul and Becky have got their first 30 days planned, all thanks to the 30 day business booster, so their business will get off to a flying start and the people in Southampton can’t miss them!

Their starter pack and launch plan is being created as we speak by the team at head office, so they’ll have everything they need from day one.
Leaving the security of a teaching role is a scary thing for Paul and Becky, which we commend them for, but I can assure you, they’ve made the right decision. They’re now in full control of their future, and their work/life balance will improve dramatically.

Richard, the founder and director of Thomas Cleaning franchise is really looking forward to Paul and Becky’s start, and is excited that Thomas Cleaning is reaching the very south of the county. Here’s what he had to say about Paul and Becky’s new start: “I’m really confident Paul and Becky are going to have a fantastic career as Thomas Cleaning franchisees. They’re both very switched on people, and they’re a great asset to the Thomas Cleaning team.”