##Thomas Cleaning Welcomes New Harrow Franchise
[Thomas Cleaning](/archive/thomas-cleaning/thomas-cleaning-franchise.php) is proud to welcome their newest franchisees to the Thomas Cleaning team - Sarina and Jemma - who will be starting their new franchise in Harrow, London.

Sarina and Jemma start their training in a couple of weeks, which gives everyone at head office enough time to make sure their website is built, their google pay per click campaign is ready and their brand new car is wrapped and ready to go.

Sarina and Jemma have made a really smart decision starting their franchise at this time of year, because it’s one of the busiest periods for Thomas Cleaning, as everyone wants their house cleaning ready for Christmas. The pair have their first 30 days planned out thanks to the 30-day business booster, which takes them through a step by step process giving them the best possible start to their new franchise.

The 30-day business booster is tried and tested, and has brought back stellar results for previous franchisees, so all Sarina and Jemma have to do is follow the plan.

Richard Thomas, from Thomas Cleaning, said: I can’t wait for Sarina and Jemma to start, they’re both very bright young women and I’ve got high hopes for them.”