##UK Training Provider Launches in Cayman Islands
[Pitman Training](/page/pitman-training/pitman-training-franchise.php), a UK based training provider, is celebrating further growth and international expansion, welcoming new partners in the Cayman Islands, in a bid to help deliver the work ready skills businesses are now demanding in the Caribbean, and is already proving to be a resounding success.

The Cayman Island Pitman Training centre, is the first to be launched in the Caribbean, and opened its doors on March 5, 2015. The launch saw a multitude of local press activity, of which included radio interviews and an interview on Cayman Island’s Breakfast show, ‘Day Break’. Pitman Training Franchise Development Manager, Andrew Walters, joined Sue Buckeridge and Rhonda Ebanks to offer support and help promote the new centre.

On the day of the launch Ebanks reported how the centre had lots of enquiries from their TV session and Radio show, and also received queries from people seeing their Facebook page. The promotional activity which surrounded the launch of the new centre in Lagos lead to three people signing up to a course, and also a purchase of diploma, within the first opening days; a record number for a new centre.

With Pitman Training continuing to evolve and grow in order to stay relevant within current workplace environments, the centre in the Cayman Islands is perfectly placed to provide modern office-based training and assist in delivering the practical skills local employers want and are now demanding from their workforce.

Buckeridge, Director of Pitman Training in the Cayman Islands, said: “Pitman Training has a very strong brand history, which has also evolved to fit the skills that businesses today are demanding. Business the world over are now demanding different skills as opposed to what they needed 10 years ago, and it’s great to see that Pitman Training are continuing to evolve with businesses, and ensure the training they offer is still relevant, to meet these demands.”

Buckeridge, along with business partner Ebanks, had originally looked at launching a training business in Cayman for a number of years, but failed to find something that would fit with the needs of the market, or the image they wanted to portray. They then decided to look into franchising. This is when they came across an opportunity to own a local Pitman Training centre. Both Buckeridge and Ebanks were familiar with the brand as it is well respected in Cayman – they also knew and loved the brand on a personal level as they had studied Pitman Training whilst at school.

When asked who Pitman Training is for, Buckeridge said: “Pitman Training is for everyone who wants to learn or develop work ready skills.”

Pitman Training is always on the look-out for new high calibre partners that are passionate about education and providing quality training. There are many exciting franchise opportunities available overseas in North America, South America and Europe, amongst others, and also several areas throughout the UK including Sheffield, Lancashire and Leicester.