#Unemployment opens new door for Runa and Sam at Recognition Express

When Sam Giddy initially saw unemployment looming, he considered it as the perfect opportunity to realise his dream of running his own business. After three months, along with his wife Runa, Sam is all set to open Recognition Express Birmingham Tamworth. It specialises in providing an extensive range of personalised clothing, badges, promotional giveaways, branded products and simply anything that you can put your logo on.

Sam will be running his business full-time and his wife Runa will initially help him by working on a part-time basis, while caring for their 3 year old twins, Ria and Arun. Sam said that they wanted to operate a business that both of them would enjoy working in. After looking at franchise opportunities, they thought that it would be an ideal option for them. Being less risky, they would eventually have more support and hopefully, more chance of success.

Sam has been working in Birmingham for almost his entire life. He was initially working as a self-employed IT contractor with an engineering consultancy for a period of 9 years. Runa used to work as an accounts assistant with one of the major pharmaceutical companies in Coventry. She will also be handling networking as well as the business accounts for their franchise.

When the couple came across Recognition Express, Europe’s leading supplier of branded clothing, promotional products and corporate gifts, they felt very comfortable with the concept of running their individual Recognition Express franchise. The couple will initially be running their business from their home but will eventually take their own property in Birmingham.