#Voucher Packs Expands To Launch Franchising Opportunities

Voucher Packs, a rapidly expanding Blackpool-based leaflet distribution and offers company, is preparing to expand across the North West, offering fantastic deals which will benefit both customers and businesses alike. In addition the company is looking for franchisees to oversee and manage successful launches in the region.

For the past 10 years, Voucher Packs has been helping local and national businesses reach their audiences and achieve levels of response beyond the expectations of businesses by efficiently delivering leaflets and money saving vouchers directly to customer’s homes. The company was established in 2001 and originally produced quality leaflets delivered by Royal Mail in attractive Direct Mail envelopes. Since then, the company has built a strong reputation with major national companies and franchisees for delivering exceptional results.

For a relatively low franchise fee, interested individuals can have their very own business, providing a valuable service to local businesses, benefiting from Voucher Packs` buying power and 10 years of experience in this field. Franchisees will have their own territory of 40,000 homes which they are free to choose themselves or with help from Voucher Packs. Voucher Packs will provide full training and on-going support as well as a comprehensive manual to help.

Andy Atkinson runs a successful Voucher Packs franchise in Blackpool. Atkinson first came across Voucher Packs when he used the company to promote the KFC franchise he was running at the time. Impressed with the service, as soon as the opening arose he took the opportunity to manage a Voucher Packs franchise and has never looked back.

Atkinson comments: “I had been using a company to print and deliver leaflets for me for about eight years and the response we achieved was way beyond anything that we had been able to gain using the traditional means. The Company’s name is Voucher Packs and what makes them unique is the way they package their product and then use Royal Mail to deliver it. These simple steps and a few other ‘trade secrets’ turn response rates into exceptional levels.

“We had returns of approaching 20 per cent which I know is incredibly high, KFC expected around one per cent. When the Managing Director of Voucher Packs, Andrew Wareing, told me about his plans for expansion of his business by franchising and his new website, I was very interested.

“He has made good progress in developing a successful franchise model and this is the area that has real potential in this marketplace. There are thousands of people looking for a great business idea and I think Voucher Packs is it, so much so that I have decided to take on the Blackpool franchise.”