#Why Activ Works for Couples

A recent report which revealed that many working fathers are not taking their full entitlement to paternity leave would suggest that achieving the perfect life work balance is much easier said than done. With many households worried about job security, some men fear they might lose career momentum if they are away from the office whereas others say they just cannot afford to take time off beyond the statutory two week paid paternity leave period.

Against this testing background couples are increasingly exploring alternative means of making a living while spending more time with their families – franchising being an attractive option. Simon Rickett, director of successful young franchise Activ Web Design regularly receives inquiries from couples of all ages and in various circumstances who are keen to find a venture they can run together.

He said: “We have a number of husband and wife teams among our franchise-holders, some of whom devote their entire time to building their franchises and others who run their post codes areas on a part-time basis while their partners continue in their existing employment. Activ is a particularly good example of how franchising can work well for couples as the business model offers such great flexibility. For example, some of the web design assignments can be undertaken in the evenings or at weekends but ultimately the hours and days worked rests with the franchise owner. With some careful planning our franchise owners can and do find ways of successfully running their businesses while  managing to spend more time as a family than they previously did while working for an employer.”

And the Activ model works equally well for couples with grown up families or no children. Simon Rickett added: “A number of our franchise owners have worked in satisfying high powered roles in major organisations where the financial rewards were high. However  after several years of pursing their careers they felt that they weren’t spending enough quality time with their partners and families  and  concluded that the monetary gains no longer made up  for the personal sacrifices they were making.”

In a number of cases, leaving their old lives behind and investing in an Activ franchise has seen couples realise a long held dream of operating their own business venture together.

Simon Rickett added: “To give up a well paid position in a job you’ve been doing for many years takes courage and is not a decision to be taken lightly. However Activ, which not only offers good earnings potential but an  exciting  way of utilising  existing IT, sales, business and interpersonal skills, has proved to be the ideal choice for many of our couples.

“Since launching their franchises all have commented on how much better their lives are now they can pursue their own goals together and work to their own agendas rather than someone else’s. They also know that although they have each other for support, the Activ team is only a phone call away should they need advice and guidance on any aspect of running their Activ franchise.”